26 - 28 September, 2017 | Vienna, Austria

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CEM Europe B2B - Sep 2017

Here at the CX Network, we surveyed our Telecoms Membership to test the waters of the industry and find out what the key drivers and concerns are for this year.

Exclusive Content

B2B Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Magazine

In anticipation of the CEM in Telecoms European Summit, behold the 2nd issue of the CEM Magazine - the B2B Edition.

With contributing articles from industry experts from Orange, JT Global, Elisa and Telefonica, this issue solves the CEM challenges the telecoms industry is facing now. Find out how to build value and keep clients spending, what it means to be 'globally local' in telecoms, the changes to anticipate in the enterprise markets and more!

Download your complimentary copy now.

CEM Professionals Reveal The Solutions That Worked In 2016!

In this interactive report, 4 Heads of Customer Experience provide their insight into the challenges they faced in 2016 and the solutions which worked to provide customer experience success!

Download this exclusive report to hear from CX professionals from O2, Three, Zain and Telia and gain insight into the solutions they’ve implemented to tackle challenges within  company culture,integrating CX across the organisation, simplifying the customer journey,channel switching and more!

Past attendee list

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CEM in Telecoms Case Studies from Across the Globe

This CEM in Telecoms Global Review focuses on region specific case studies that look at the ways the industry can build a customer-centric company culture, action VOC, enhance their digital transformation and break down silos in order to secure long term retention and increase customer lifetime value. With insight from Vodafone Germany, ETB, Tigo Ghana, TeliaSonera, AT&T, Ncell and many more, this is your guide to becoming a CEM Guru and leading your colleagues along the path to customer centricity.

O2 Czech Republic - 9 Month Transformation

Vít Šubert takes us through the 9 month B2B Transformation of O2 Czech Republic in his presentation which he gave at our 2015 Summit.


How O2 Czech Republic transformed their business division to enhance their customer experience

In this interview Vit Subert, Business Division Director at o2 Czech Republic shares how they were able to transform their business division; move their salesforce from the desk to field, what the obstacles of the transition were and what the initial impact of the strategy has been on the rest of the business.


DEUTSCHE TELEKOM Customer experience B2B Presentation

Take a look at a presentation from last year's CEM Europe B2B event from Ralf Nejedl, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM